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Travel management-as-a-service (TaaS)

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Lanes & Planes offers the first comprehensive digital solution to manage all aspects of business trips, from start to finish.


For travelers, this includes search & booking, as well as a mobile app and ticket wallet management. For travel managers, a robust backend simplifies reporting, management, and invoicing.

As part of an upcoming product redesign, the team at Lanes & Planes asked us to conceptualize and produce a hero video, with future-looking modular motion elements that can be adapted for new product and marketing uses as they emerge.

The hero of the story, as well as the homepage.

What is the purpose of a hero video? What story does it need to tell?

Occupying prime real estate above the fold on the redesigned product homepage, the hero video is intended to be an easily accessible first point of contact for inquisitive new and prospective users.

From early discussions, it became clear that the goals of the hero video would be several-fold. In an efficient and engaging manner, our aims were to: 

  • ensure users know what the brand represents

  • ensure users know what the product can do

  • ensure users have at least an introductory level understanding of how to use the product, while encouraging them to explore further

Working in conjunction with the product design team, we focused on a refined translation of the brand and UX to motion. Mindful of user attention, we worked to balance the conceptual density of an explainer video with the lively efficiency of a brand positioning statement.

Our decision to build via a modular structure meant we could effectively create dozens of unique cutdowns from one original piece of creative, ensuring efficiency and high ROI for the client.

An informative contextual explainer that unites product, design, and storytelling goals.

From moodboard to sounding board.

Starting with a story

Working with the Lanes & Planes creative team, we began by identifying three main objectives for the development process of our main storytelling vehicle:


  • create unique personas to tell character-driven product use-case stories

  • call attention to a selection of some of the product's many 'killer features'

  • ensure deliverables can be adapted to social campaigns and future product needs

We drafted scripts for the video, leaning into the creation of modules that could be rearranged or removed during the social cutdowns to create a wide variety of unique messaging.

Concurrently, we kicked off the design process with interactive moodboards to collectively zero in on the articulation of a strong visual foundation for the project that supported the next phase of the brand.

Many-sizes-fit-all social content.

Resizes & A/B Testing

Because of our built-in modular design plan, resizes and cut-downs were a snap. We created several dozen market- and platform-specific social media spots, with varied openers, differing structures, and lengths spanning 20 seconds to 2 minutes.


These spots were tested against each other in the wild to determine which message and structure were most impactful.

One design template for multiple markets.

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A creative explainer

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With two primary language markets—English and German—we understood from the beginning that easily adaptable, scalable templates would serve as robust pillars of our organizational design, allowing for rapid translation and localization.

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